Sliced Burger Cheese

Unique taste of your hamburgers, cheeseburgers, sandwiches and canapés is now in its practical package with improved open and close function.

Energy and Nutrients (100g)

Energy (kcal/kj)


Oil (g)


Protein (g)


Calcium (mg)

702,2(%87,8 BRD) BRD: Dietary Reference Value

Phosphorus (mg)

850 (%121,4 BRD)

Sliced Burger Cheese 26 sliced
Sliced Burger Cheese 26 sliced
26 sliced

Sliced Burger Cheese keeps adding flavour to our practical meals with its 350-gram package. Thanks to the open and close function of its package, you will find the product still has the same structure and taste every time you open it. You can separate slices more easily if you remove the amount of slices you will use thirty minutes in advance.

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