Pınar Pizzatto Alaturca Pizza

Thin crust, abundant soujouk!

Nutritional Values ​​for 100 grams
Energy (kcal/kj) 221/ 825
Protein (gr) 12,5
Fat (gr) 9,5
Carbohydrate (gr) 20
Pınar Pizzatto Alaturca Pizza
Pınar Pizzatto Alaturca Pizza
 600 gr.

Its thin crust distinguishes it from others, and its abundant soujouk makes it a must-have for consumer who have a tooth for Turkish cuisine...

Pınar Pizzatto Alaturca is served in packs of 4, for you to share this unforgettable taste with your loved ones.

Pınar is giving you the chance of having a taste that could be found in a Pizza restaurant at your home, besides with fairer prices.


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