Milk Powder

Milk powder is obtained when concentrating the pasteurised skimmed cow milk under vacuum and drying it through spraying.

Nutritive Value
(In 100 gr)
Energy(kcal/Kj) 363/1518
Protein(gr.) 36
Fat(gr.) 1.25
Carbohydrate(gr.) 52
Calcium(mg.) 1256
Milk Powder
Milk Powder
200 g

We have modern drying methods in our plant, which carry out the drying process of the milk without harming its nutritional value. For the consumer, PINAR powder milk means milk, which is anytime available. When mixed with water, you get pure, plain milk, which is skimmed and has equivalent nutrition value like the skimmed milk. Milk powder is rich of proteins, calcium and phosphor.

PINAR Süttozu (Milk Powder) offering the natural taste and health of milk in a concentrated way is used for cakes, puddings, biscuits, pastries, ice cream, purees, yoghurt, creams, milk desserts, crepes and soufflé. In short, in everything where milk is needed. Its use is further recommended for recipes when making bread at home.

The colour and structure of the cakes are enhanced by the special structure of PINAR Süttozu; their staling is delayed and the cookies are enriched in flavour. PINAR Süttozu can also be used to increase the aroma of ice cream and to give the ice cream a smoother structure.

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