Light White Cheese

Pinar Light White Cheese offers an indispensable, 50% low-fat cheese to those who are on diet and want to keep form.
In 100g
Energy (kcal/kj) 190/795.4
Protein (gr) 14.5
Fat (g) 11
Carbohydrate (g) 4.6
Calcium (mg) 525
Phosphor (mg) 361
Pınar Light Beyaz Peynir 400 gr
Pınar Light Beyaz Peynir 400 gr
400 Gram

Pinar Light White Cheese in a plastic package of 400 Gram, contains less fat and more calcium relative to fatty white cheeses. Through the special production techniques, it is produced in hygienic conditions with no connection with hands and it has a delicious and special taste.

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