Traditional Butter

Indispensible taste of Turkish cuisine, Traditional Butter is at your tables with Pınar guarantee... 

Besin Değerleri 100 ml için Geleneksel Tuzsuz Tereyağı (%82 Süt Yağı)
Enerji (kcal/kj) 3109 / 743
Protein (gr) 0,6
Yağ / (gr) 82 - Doymuş Yağ: 51,3 Doymamış Yağ: 27,8
Karbohidrat (gr) 0,8
Kalsiyum (mg) 120

These special tastes processed with Pınar’s understanding of keeping quality, health and hygiene above everything, offer special alternatives for all those, who do not want to give up the tastes of Turkish cuisine. Pinar Traditional Butter is produced under the highest quality conditions and brougth to you in the cleanest and the most cleanest packaging to imbue your food with delightful taste and smell.


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