Nutritional Value

Ürün Adı Pınar Denge Maden Suyu 0,2 L - Sade (24'lü SHK) Pınar Denge Maden Suyu 0,2 L – Sade (6'lı SHK)
Paket Ebadı
En x Boy x Derinlik(cm)
21,5x33x16,5 11x16x16,5
Paket/Koli 24 6
Paket Ağırlığı 8320 kg 1190,1 kg
Raf Ömrü 1 yıl 1 yıl
Ürün Barkodu 869 0525 50000 4 869 0525 60000 1
Saklama Sıcaklığı (oC) Oda Sıcaklığı Oda Sıcaklığı

Natural Mineral Water

Pınar Mineral Water - refreshing flavours for thirst quenching relief

Pınar Mineral Water comes in a range of thirst quenching, delicious flavours. In addition to natural mineral water, try the unrivalled refreshing taste of watermelon-strawberry, apple and lemon.

This range is good for your health and wellbeing. With its rich mineral and low sodium content, these drinks can lower blood pressure and can help protect against cardiovascular disease.

It is recommended that Pınar Mineral Water should be drunk every day to stay fresh, fit and healthy.

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