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Having been the quality choice of consumers and a leader in the food sector since its establishment in 1973, PINAR is a brand with a wide variety of products meeting different consumer needs in dairy, meat and drinking water product ranges. PINAR closely follows global trends and maintains its leadership in numerous product ranges. PINAR has introduced many firsts to Turkey in the food sector.

Yaşar Holding Food and Beverage Group operates under PINAR Süt (Milk and Dairy), PINAR Et (Meat Products), Yaşar Birleşik Pazarlama (Combined Marketing), Çamlı Yem Besicilik (Feed and Husbandry), PINAR Su (Drinking Water) and PINAR Foods companies with over five thousand employees.

Increasingly competitive environment of the national economy renders the need to establish strong brands greater than ever for companies. Becoming a brand of choice by consumers, maintaining sustainable profitability and expanding into international markets are possible by adhering to the requirements of branding.

PINAR gives endless confidence to its consumers by directing its consumer-focused activities and never compromising on the quality it offers. Having offered its consumers products that are sources of health, taste and novelties since its establishment, PINAR has been the “Spring of Life (Yaşam Pınarı)” with its drinking water products to millions of people for many generations. This source of life has emerged, expanded and improved based on three main elements constituting its foundation: “Health, Taste and Novelty...”

PINAR is the first brand to establish concepts of healthy milk and dairy products in Turkey. It strives to be Turkey's Source of “Novelties”, “Health”, “Taste” and “Spring of Life” through its growing variety of products. PINAR rapidly paves the way to become a "global brand" with its dairy products not only in terms of domestic consumption but also as a product group exported to major countries across the world. The trust placed in PINAR has reached beyond borders of Turkey and has expanded into countries in the Middle East, Turkic Republics and many countries such as Germany.

The most important criterion to be a successful brand is to maintain the brand identity with the  consistency in the new sectors entered after the initial activity and project the common image of the brand onto diversified products. Having launched as a milk and dairy products brand, PINAR has undersigned many firsts in different fields of the food sector. As PINAR introduced the first healthy long life milk, first ready-to-serve mayonnaise, first cream cheese, first frozen meat products, first packed turkey products and first non-returnable bottled water to Turkish people, it has paid utmost attention that every element in its wide product range falls under the umbrella of PINAR's image and preserved and enhanced its total brand image.

As the most favourite and trusted brand by consumers in the meat and dairy products sectors, PINAR represents Turkey and Turkish products abroad by participating in the “Turquality” project developed by Turkish Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade, Turkish Exporters' Assembly and Exporters' Association with the objectives of promoting high quality Turkish products in global markets and establishing an image for Turkish products across the world.

Results of the Turkey Customer Satisfaction Index indicate that PINAR  was ranked the 1st in Juice Sector, Milk and Dairy Products Sector and Bottled Water Sector in the first three quarters of 2013.

In 2013, PINAR won three awards in the Crescent and Starts of Packaging Competition held by Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD). PINAR Water was given the Golden Award in Graphics Design Category for its glass bottle collection with the seasons concept while PINAR Delight Soudjouk and Gourmet Finger Soudjouk won Competency Award in the Food Category. As a result of a research carried out by BrandSpark, one of the world's leading international market survey companies, PINAR won the title “Best New Product” of 2013 for the glass collection of PINAR Water as it offered the consumers the most special packaged water portfolio.

“Growing Up” commercial film was chosen the “Best Commercial” in the Food and Beverage Category by Bilkent University Marketing & Advertisement Club.

PINAR was awarded as a super brand in 2013 by Super brands which aims at supporting the branding process of companies and applies criteria such as a company's technology, investments, work force quality, innovation, branding investments and brand continuity, contribution to social responsibility projects, environmental sensitivity, adherence to ethics and tax ranking in addition to the company's size when selecting super brands.

PINAR Süt was the most favourite company of Turkey in the dairy products sector according to the “The Most Favourite Companies of Turkey” research carried out by GFK and Capital Magazine.

We continuously invest in our brand with the objective of maintaining our lead in the sector and the rightful value in the eyes of our customers. PINAR has been the brand most trusted by all consumers and in particular by mothers. Mothers see PINAR as “taste and quality in milk” and prefer us with joy. We too aim in all our projects to raise the trust placed in us to even higher levels. 

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